About us

Like many successful inventions, Gloria was born on a whim, almost as a joke.

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

-Albert Einstein 

It all started when we heard a rumor about someone mixing an entire half barrel of Wisconsin Old Fashioneds for a fishing trip. We thought it was a brilliant idea and naturally had to try it ourselves. First, we needed to work out the recipe proportions so we didn't end up with 15.5 gallons of undrinkable sludge. Conveniently, we already owned a 1.75 gallon keg from a short-lived beer brewing endeavor. We decided to scale up our favorite Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour recipe to fit the keg. To our delight, the keg could hold full bottles of whiskey and soda, making the mixing process very easy with little measuring. We then connected CO2 to maintain the carbonation and propel the cocktail. Finally, everything was assembled in a cardboard box. Together, we had our first taste. It was GLORIOUS! 

Gloria was born.

We spent Father’s Day Weekend of 2019 refining our new contraption and testing three different Old Fashioned recipes. 

Hangovers aside, we were very pleased with the new device and thought that many others would enjoy it too. We have spent almost 4 years in the research and development stage, refining our creation and testing the market. We have found great interest in the diversity and portability of Gloria and are now prepared to share our patent pending products with the masses. 

Próst! Cheers! Sláinte!