Why do I need Gloria Keg?

Gloria Keg was created out of necessity. There was nothing else like it on the market. We wanted to spend more of our valuable time socializing with our guests instead of constantly stepping away to mix drinks. The first Gloria was born in 2019 and has been getting better ever since. Gloria is a hit wherever she goes, as a conversation piece and as a vessel for everyone to enjoy more time together. Gloria Keg will maintain carbonation of any drink for at least a few weeks. If your drink is not carbonated, it will pressurize the beverage to keep it fresh and allow it to dispense out of the tap. 

What is Gloria used for? 

Gloria Keg was intended for serving batched cocktails, but we have found it’s great for many additional uses such as beer, mocktails, wine, coffee, hot chocolate, soda, and juice.

Gloria was also made to be portable so it’s easy to take anywhere such as the beach, on the boat, camping, to cookouts, or just at home to entertain your guests. 

What is included? “Everything you need but the drink!”

7L Gloria: 

✦Stainless steel keg with National Sanitation Foundation Certified components
✦Neoprene sleeve with three pockets for extra co2
✦Drip mat
✦Lid with pressure release valve
✦16g co2 regulator assembly
✦(3) 16g threaded co2 cartridges (single use per full keg)
✦Pour spout assembly with locking pin and drip cap
✦Instructions for cleaning and use

    Big G 10L Gloria:

    ✦Brushed stainless keg with National Sanitation Foundation Certified components
    ✦Neoprene sleeve with a pocket for 500g co2
    ✦Drip mat
    ✦Lid with pressure release valve
    ✦500g co2 regulator assembly
    ✦500g co2 canister (roughly 30 kegs worth and exchangeable)
    ✦Pour spout assembly with locking pin and drip cap
    ✦Instructions for cleaning and use

      7L Gloria Rose:

      ✦Stainless steel keg with National Sanitation Foundation Certified components
      ✦Drip mat
      ✦Lid assembly to include a co2 regulator and co2 sleeve
      ✦(3) 16g threaded co2 cartridges (single use per full keg)
      ✦Fixed pour spout assembly with locking pin and drip cap
      ✦Wrench for attaching/detaching pour spout assembly
      ✦Instructions for cleaning and use


        What are the dimensions? 

        10L Big G 7L Gloria 7L Gloria Rose
        Height of keg 15.6" 11" 13"
        Height with tap 20.5" 16" 15.5"
        Diameter 8.5" 8.5" 7" at base
        Weight empty 7 lbs 6.25 lbs 4 lbs
        Weight full 37 lbs 23.5 lbs 20 lbs
        Capacity  2.5 g/338 oz 1.8 g/236 oz 1.8 g/236 oz
        6 oz drinks 56 39 39


        How do I clean Gloria Keg?

        Easy! Gloria is made out of food-safe stainless steel. There’s a large opening which makes cleaning a glorious chore. Leaving the pour spout assembly attached to the keg, rotate the tap counterclockwise 180° partially unscrewing it from the ball lock. Open the tap. Flush hot water through the spout of the tap and down the pickup tube. Ensure the keg is fully rinsed and reach your hand inside the large opening to wipe any remaining residue. Turn upside-down and allow to fully dry. Avoid using soaps, detergents, and chemicals which could contaminate your future beverage. 

        What gas should I use and where can I get them?

        Only Use co2 (no nitrogen)

        7L/Gloria Rose: 16g threaded. 3 included. They are available on our website 10 for $15, Amazon, or some sporting goods stores.

        10L: 500g-will last about 30 kegs. Soda Stream exchange program-$16.99/2, also Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

        How long will the co2 last?

        7L: One cartridge will last one whole keg. It will pressurize the keg and dispense all the liquid. Once the keg is empty, the cartridge should be disposed of. 

        10L: One canister will last about 30 kegs full. The more carbonated the beverage, the less CO2 you will use, so it’s variable.

        What is the usage pressure?

        Gloria Keg operates best under 5-7 psi. After the lid is placed, check the gauge. If a carbonated beverage is used, there will be initial pressure displayed. After a few pours, the pressure will drop and the gauge can be adjusted as needed. When traveling or with a highly carbonated beverage, you will find the pressure will increase higher than desired and the tap will produce a more violent flow. Simply pull up on the pressure release valve ring on the lid and bring the pressure back down to 5-7 psi. When adding carbonated beverages, do so with gentle care to preserve as much carbonation as possible. Operating under 5-7psi will ensure your beverage will remain carbonated and fresh for a few weeks, but not so much as to add carbonation! Perfection!


        Can I remove the tap and regulator assemblies if Gloria isn’t empty?

        Yes! The ball locks allow for the tap and regulator to be removed and reattached without affecting the pressure of the contents. This is convenient for traveling with a full Gloria.


        What can’t I put in Gloria?

        Don't use thick liquids, seeds, herbs, and drinks with a lot of pulp. These will clog Gloria’s 1/4" diameter pickup tube and post. Anything else goes!

        How long will my beverage last in Gloria?

        Since the contents are under pressure and there is no oxygen getting into the keg, theoretically, they will last until the keg is gone. If the ingredients are shelf stable, the carbonation will last at least 3 weeks. If ingredients require refrigeration, the keg can be placed in the refrigerator when not in use.

        *Why won’t my Gloria work?*

        1. The most common mistake! The regulator and pour spout are attached to the wrong posts. Gas IN, Liquid OUT. The posts are labeled in black in between the lid and the posts on the top of the keg. The pick up tube is attached inside the keg to the OUT post. When attached to the wrong posts, the keg will temporarily and slightly pressurize, but no liquid will come out. 

        2. The ball locks are not fully seated onto the posts. Ensure the ball locks all the way on the posts. When they are fully seated, the retractor ring will slightly rise.

        3. The co2 is gone. One 16g co2 cartridge should last for 1 whole 7L keg. One 500g canister should last around 30 10L kegs. (It’s wise to keep spares handy)

      • 4. The post or pickup tube is clogged. The pickup tube is ¼”. Don’t put herbs, spices, pulp, or thick liquids in Gloria or she will clog!
      • 5. In rare occurrences, the regulator may be faulty. Make sure everything is properly sealed, tightened, not leaking, not clogged. Make sure there is co2. Make sure the keg is properly assembled. If there are still problems, the regulator may need to be replaced.  

      • Does Gloria keep my beverage hot/cold?

        The intent of the keg is to keep cocktails fresh and carbonated, then to pour them over ice. The provided neoprene sleeve does provide some insulation. If the keg and the ingredients are heated/chilled prior to use, they will remain hot/cold longer. The keg can be placed in a cooler, on ice, or in a refrigerator. 

        Do I need to fill Gloria all the way for it to work?

        No, you can put as little or as much liquid in Gloria as you wish. The co2 will pressurize the keg to the level of the liquid and dispense it. 

        What accessories are available?

      • ✦Picnic tap assembly: replaces the tap with a 3 foot long hose. This is ideal for use from a cooler, a backpack, or any other portable application you can imagine.

      • ✦Pink neoprene sleeve: fits Gloria 7L, 3 pockets for co2 cartridges

      • ✦Replacement regulators

      • ✦Replacement pour spout assembly

      • ✦Replacement drip mat

      • ✦Replacement co2

      • ✦More to come!

        How is Gloria shipped?

        We offer free shipping on orders over $100. Federal law prohibits flying with compressed gases, so our products utilize ground shipping via UPS or USPS. Sorry, we are currently NOT shipping internationally. 

        Can I carbonate beverages with Gloria?

        Yes! We are developing the specific instructions for this application, stay tuned!

        Can I ferment beer in Gloria?

        We believe this will be a great application for Gloria with a few additional accessories. This process is currently being researched! Stay tuned!