WI Old Fashioned

WI Old Fashioned

  • 1 L or 1.75 L whiskey, brandy or bourbon 
  • 1/3 cup bitters
  • 1 1/3 cups Old Fashioned Mix or cherry juice
  • 4 L of sweet soda* or sour soda** 

*Sprite, 7up, or Starry

**Squirt, Sun Drop, or Fresca

***In WI, we order all possible combinations depending on preference. To make it really exciting, you can make your OF a "Press" and do half sweet soda and half sour soda. This is the combination we usually use at our shows for sampling.

Pour the ingredients in the order they are listed. Carbonated items are listed last to preserve the bubbles, so take care to pour them slowly. Place the cover on and gently roll or shake the keg to mix. Some recipes will slightly settle or separate, so if Gloria is left alone for a day or two, you may want give her a gentle shake shake shake before dispensing. Make sure the tapper is locked or removed before mixing and pressure is brought back down to 7 psi before using. 


    These recipes appear to be for the 7L keg. Are there any conversion recipes for the 10L keg?


    This is my go to drink! I follow the recipe and it turns out perfect every time!

    Colleen Clift

    Awesome drink, cant wait to make more.

    Steven Koenes

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