• 1.75 L white rum
  • 30 oz lime juice
  • 1 L simple syrup
  • (8) 12 oz cans lime seltzer or about 3 L plain seltzer 

Smash about 8 mint leaves in a glass (this would be a great time to also smash some fruit if desired-blueberries, strawberries, etc), add ice, then fill with the delicious mojito.

*Do not attempt to place mint leaves in Gloria (unless you have a neat tea infuser) because the leaves with clog her pick up tube. 

Pour the ingredients in the order they are listed. Carbonated items are listed last to preserve the bubbles, so take care to pour them slowly. Place the cover on and gently roll or shake the keg to mix. Some recipes will slightly settle or separate, so if Gloria is left alone for a day or two, you may want give her a gentle shake shake shake before dispensing. Make sure the tapper is locked or removed before mixing and pressure is brought back down to 7 psi before using.

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